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Our Pastor

     Pastor Debby Stinton and her husband Russel (Russ) joined us on February 1, 2021.

   Debby graduated college from Arizona State University and went to seminary at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California. When she first felt the call to the ministry, her dream was to pastor in a small-town church. She imagined herself opening the doors to the community with open arms of welcome. That dream has stayed with her all these years. The important piece of this search and call is Debby’s relationship to the congregation and the community.

   Debby was especially attracted to West Liberty UCC because she sensed an openness to a progressive voice. She feels called to a solo pastor position because she wants to be a part of all the ministries of the church. Debby desires to be at an intergenerational church where she can play with the kids from all age groups from 0 – 100.


(602) 809-3229                                                          Pastor's Article

Kathy Etgen



You can contact Kathy if you would like to place an announcement in the bulletin or newsletter, or if you would like to be added to our prayer list. Kathy records the minutes at all our congregational and official board meetings.

937-597-8260 or 937-465-0811


Penny Higgins


Contact Penny if you have any questions about our church finances or yearly budget.


Patty Kauffman

Financial Secretary

If you would like to start using contribution envelopes for your weekly offering, contact Patty and she will see that you receive them.



Brandy Powell

Youth Program Coordinator

Please don’t hesitate to contact Brandy if you ever have any questions or feedback on how things are going for your child.


Sandra Morris

Music Director

Sandra Morris is an organist/pianist for the majority of our services. Her musical talent adds so much to our worship.

Cleaning Products

Ed and Lynn Armentrout


Audio-Visual Team

Our staff also includes our audio-visual team consisting of Ed Armentrout, Ray Etgen, Jim Hoffman, Dennis McIntosh, James Powell, Kaylee Powell,

Elisa Lash, and Brevin Louden.

Making Music
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