Prayer is certainly an important part of any church. There are always those of our church family, extended family and community with a need for our prayers.

If you have a prayer request or updates, you can contact Kathy Etgen at (937) 597-8260 or the church at .

Prayer List


Klara Pedersen

Laretta Beaumler

Cheryl Davis
Rick Fullerton

Marcus Taylor

Leah Smith
Jamie Thomas

Becky Taylor

Andy Smith (Trimble’s grandson)

R L Murphy

Kayla Tracey

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Grant

Kanan Bailey

Rose Michael's sister

Shirley Henry

Rheta Noble

Jodi Mangum

Fred Page

Sherry Wilkins

Carl & Lois Reck

Chad Ulmer

Fontella Marmon

Jeanie Hunt’s daughter-in-law’s mother (Verliss)

William Buroker

Bob Painter

Joe & Ruth Buck


Our service men & women

Cody Flora

Skyler Heilman

Justin King

Morgan Sullivan

Michael Ropp*

Ken Plank

Corey Hartzler

Zech Wilcox

Tracey Harr

Samantha Ropp*

Darren McIntosh

Nick Burden

*denotes reserves

Nursing Home residents & workers

Christian Sympathies to the family and friends of 

Our Nursing Home Residents

Hearth and Home- Martha Brenneman

Campbell Place- Helen Foughty

Logan Acres- Janet McIntosh