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Prayer List

Prayer is certainly an important part of any church. There are always those of our church family, extended family and community with a need for our prayers.

From the Newsletter

Klara Pedersen             Cheryl Davis           Rick Fullerton

Marcus Taylor        Leah Smith         Jamie Thomas

Becky Kendall              Bill Kauffman         Andy Smith (Trimble’s grandson)

From the Bulletin

Lucy & Luke        Sue Hines        Cole Tiedemann

Vicki Lingrell        Bob Hall       Chuck Buck

        Virginia Gregg        Debbie Hamilton        Bailey Plank

Ed Grumman        Snyder family        Josie Schmidt

Zach Swisher


Our service men & women

Cody Flora        Skyler Heilman            Justin King         Michael Ropp*

Corey Hartzler          Zech Wilcox           Tracy Harr

  Samantha Ropp*       Darren McIntosh          Nick Burden

*denotes reserves

Nursing Home Residents

Logan Acres - Janet McIntosh

Belle Springs - Virginia Gregg

and our Nursing Home Workers

Christian Sympathies extended to the family and friends of

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