Joys and Concerns

Prayer is certainly an important part of any church. There are always those of our church family, extended family and community with a need for our prayers.

If you have a prayer request or updates, you can contact Kathy Etgen at (937) 597-8260 or the church at .

Prayer List

Andy Smith (Trimble's Grandson)                 Cheryl Davis                 Dan Johns

Debbie Hamilton's Uncle Skip                 Klara Pedersen                 Laretta Beaumler

Leah Smith                 Lois Reck                 Mackenzie (Clem) Koppel                 Marcus Taylor

Patty and Levi Kauffman                 Rick Fullerton                 Ron (Boo) Kensler

Rory Mayhugh               Rose Michael                 Ruth Buck                 Todd Harbour

Our Service Men and Women

Our Nursing Home Residents

Hearth and Home- Martha Brenneman

Campbell Place- Helen Foughty                 Logan Acres- Janet McIntosh