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Upcoming Events

                 Jan 29      9:30 am Fifth Sunday Breakfast - Donations for WL-S Elementary

                                  10:30 am Worship Service

                                  11:30 am Property Team Meeting

                                  2:30 pm Church Service at Green Hills

                                  4:00 pm Scout Meetings at the Church

                 Feb 1       6:00 pm Consider This in Friendship Hall

                 Feb 2       10:00 am Missionary Aid Meeting and Luncheon in Friendship Hall

                 Feb 5       8:30 am Deacon's Meeting

                                 10:30 am Sacrament of Holy Communion

                                                   Scout Sunday

                                 11:30 am Finance Team Meeting

                 Feb 7      6:00 pm Church Board Meeting

                 Feb 12    9:30 am Youth Bake Sale

                                 10:30 am Worship Service

                                 11:30 am "Souper Bowl" lunch after Church provided by the Deacons

                                                   and Hospitality Team

                                 5:00 pm United in Christ - Youth Meeting at the Church

The Missionary Aid will be making quillows for Valentine's Day for our college freshmen.  If you have a college freshman in your family, please let the Missionary Aid know so that we can be sure to include them.  Also donations of individually wrapped items would be appreciated to fill the Valentine bags.

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